An integral part of IQV’s eco-system is the Marketplace – an online digital platform that enables vendors and service providers to connect with our community of users. By combining users from our own social media app (flaim) and other communities (UCB Community, Beauty and Health, e-sports, and e-gaming) that are either already or being integrated within our business logic,

Marketplace brings to table millions of users across the world. With communication and payment functionalities that are linked and integrated into the Marketplace, it is easier than ever for users to browse for products and services, explore great deals and special offers, as well as pay their bills in one single platform. Some of these services are already integrated, others will follow soon.

Services just as

are used and consumed every day by millions of customers globally.

Make it easy

Marketplace simply enables users to browse and make those payments in one place, eliminating the inconvenience of using multiple platforms and wasting the highly valued time, which we all lack so much nowadays. Besides, an integration with POWERWALLET allows us to „reward“ users in our IQV4U Coin, ensuring a consistent and sustainable engagement with the platform.

As for the vendors and service providers, the Marketplace opens doors to millions of users and potential customers that are a part of the whole IQV’s eco-system and community. By taking advantage of Marketplace, brands have a great marketing and CRM tool that enables them to engage customers for the long run and in very creative ways. By having access to detailed customer profile, brands, vendors and service providers can segment users and improve their marketing efforts and increase sales volumes by planning and running campaigns directly within the Marketplace. The wealth of data allows brands to build a deep customer relationship with incentives and provide excellent customer service to the user where needed.


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