The IQV4U coin is a unique digital eco-system designed to create a natural demand for our coin.

Initially launched via the MobileCommunity platform; a platform with a large international community eco-system whose users enjoy various advantages and use the IQV4U coin as its own digital currency. With the additional flaim and UCB communities with millions of users across the world will generate extensive use while creating greater usability and therefore a natural demand for the coins.


Behind the IQV-Coin and its partnership with several communities stands the international fintech organization IQVENT, the de facto industry leader in connecting traditional fiat currency with digital currencies thereby making it accessible to everyone in everyday life in the simplest possible way. All this is easily and simply accessible via the POWER WALLET.

Additionally, free online bank accounts with debit cards will facilitate simple customer acquisition; this enables the connected communities and their partners to generate revenue and more importantly profitability, that many of the existing fintech companies find challenging to attain and can only accomplish by charging their users with unnecessary fees.

From the very inception we are building our business model with added value products, generating savings for the users, partners and clients, the members of the community, with additional long -erm rewards/cashbacks for the members. This in turn creates earnings for the Community and IQV-Group right immediately.

The long-term business model will generate substantial benefits via the digital platform for customers and the product suppliers. The most successful examples of this model, such as, Amazon and, offer their customers a simple overview of attractive offers, this allows the supplier additional sales opportunities wherein the platform itself becomes a corresponding income generator.

IQVENT is not reinventing things, but rather has combined existing, highly efficient solutions into an overall concept, most of which has already been implemented, while further enhancements are prepared and planned for in detail.

A focus is on products and services that are consumed continuously on a long-term basis and these habits are rarely if ever changed by customers. In fact, we don’t sell anything new, we simply help customers and partners save. Services such as, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, insurance, credit and travel are used and consumed every day by customers globally.

The savings we offer there are intended to encourage customers embrace our platform. Community members are reminded of our intrinsic value with monthly cashback payments.

These „reward“ payments are made in our IQV4U Coin which make your customers aware of our benefits on a monthly basis. The coins received can be exchanged for the desired standard currencies on the respective crypto exchanges and used for further purchases. This in turn creates a backflow in our coin which supports the cycle again and again.

A rapidly growing customer community and a correspondingly large product-supplier structure puts the long-term stability of the IQV4U coin’s value in the hands of each individual community member. This means that each individual contributes to the stabilization and value development of the coin by using the community products on offer.

A free bank account and debit card, managed via the Power Wallet, should then connect the traditional and crypto (digital) world making the value of both worlds accessible for payment transactions.

Our own social media app (flaim) and other communities (UCB Community, Beauty and Health, e-sports and e-gaming) are either already or being integrated within our business logic. Communication and payment functionalities are linked and integrated into the marketplace.

Our goal of creating our own “ECO” system with our members, which includes hybrid payment functionalities that enable everyone (regardless of their prior knowledge with blockchain or crypto currencies) to benefit from both worlds at any time in the simplest possible way ensures a bright future


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