Behind the IQV-Coin and its partnership with several Communities stands the international fintech organization IQVENT that has set itself the goal of connecting the traditional and digital currency system and making it accessible to everyone in everyday life in the simplest possible way.

The PowerWallet connects both systems to each other – its use does not require any knowledge of software or crypto technology and can therefore be provided to the people in the form of a simple app. Technically it is based on a simple shadow pooling concept, calculated on an in house blockchain and traditional software based pooling of all liquid assets (discounting model of FIAT and Smart Contract based assets).

The first roll out shall be available within the flaim 2.0 release implementated as the Power Wallet Light supporting FIAT payment functionalities in parts of Africa while offering, in most of the African countries, the Crypto products – all accessible via the flaim App.

IQVENT does reinvent business models that work, but rather combine existing, highly efficient individual solutions into an overall concept, some of which has already been implemented, while further functionality which has been prepared in detail is being implemented now and into the near future.

The participating communities´ „reward“ payments are made in our IQV4U Coin in order to make customers aware of our benefits on a monthly basis. The coins received can be exchanged into the desired standard FIAT currencies at the respective crypto exchanges and used for further purchases. This in turn creates a backflow in our coin and supports the cycle again and again.

A rapidly growing customer community and a correspondingly large product-supplier structure puts the long-term stability of the IQV4U coin’s value in the hands of each individual community member. This means that each individual contributes to the stabilization and value development of the coin by using the community products offered.

A free bank account and debit card, managed via the Power Wallet, should then connect the traditional and crypto worlds enabling the combined value of both classes of assets accessible for payment transactions.

Our goal of creating our own “ECO” system with our members, which includes hybrid payment functionalities that enable everyone (regardless of their prior knowledge with blockchain or crypto currencies) to benefit from both worlds at any time in the simplest possible way ensures a bright future.


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